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Stadia exceeds one million downloads on Android devices

The platform has been made available to more phones
Stadia exceeds one million downloads on Android devices

Google's streaming platform Stadia has hit one million downloads on Android devices.

The milestone has been hit – as revealed on its Google Play page (and first spotted by 9to5Google) – after the tech firm made Stadia compatible with more Android phones. The number of installs seen was also likely helped by Stadia being free to use for the past two months.

As revealed in a community blog update, despite the feature still being developed, a wide range of phones that are not officially listed by Google are compatible with the streaming platform. A variety of OnePlus phones can now utilise Stadia, including the 5 and 5T, 6 and 6T, and all versions of the OnePlus 7.

However, as it is still an experimental feature, not all devices will work correctly, but the data taken by Google will be used to develop it further.


Mobile friendly

To go alongside the increased number of usable devices, the American firm has launched its first rendition of the touch controls feature for mobile phones. All games in the Stadia library are compatible with the touch gamepad.

Within five months of its November 2019 release, the streaming platform exceeded one million installs across the App Store and Google Play combined.