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A rebranded Storm8 announces 1 billion downloads

Network is the way
A rebranded Storm8 announces 1 billion downloads

When we last spoke to Storm8 CEO Perry Tam, he was enthusing about the success of the company's focus on its network, rather than individual games.

And now we can put a number on that success as the company has announced its games - more than 45 are live - have been downloaded over 1 billion times.

This have generated more than 2 billion hours of gameplay and 76 billion game sessions.

"One billion downloads is a huge milestone, unmatched by most in the mobile market, and representing close to six years of hard work," said Tam.

"We wanted to mark it in a big way, by celebrating the most important reason for our success: Storm8 players, who inspire us daily to keep creating new ways to play and explore."

“One billion downloads is a huge milestone”
Perry Tam

That celebration will see one player of its Restaurant Story 2 game immortalised as an in-game character.


Storm8 is also taking the opportunity to rebrand its output.

Previously, it's released games across multiple genre-focused labels, such as TeamLava for female game, Shark Party for casino games as IceMocha and FireMocha for action/arcade titles.

Now, however, all its games will be released under the Storm8 Studios banner, which is represented by a new company logo.