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Storytelling studio Brunette Games celebrates seventh anniversary

The storytelling studio has previously done work on major titles such as Lily’s Garden and Matchington Mansion
Storytelling studio Brunette Games celebrates seventh anniversary

Missouri-based Storytelling studio Brunette Games today celebrates its seventh anniversary in the mobile gaming business.

The studio has previously done narrative work for a number of key match3 titles such as Matchington Mansion, Merge Mansion and Lily’s Garden. Following previous narrative work for a number of AAA gaming companies such as Nintendo and Take2 Interactive, the studio was launched by founder Lisa Brunette (hence the name) in 2016. Brunette Games lays claim to making a number of innovations in communicating story effectively in the match3 genre.

Founder Brunette spoke on her vision for the future of the studio “Our team expertise is unparalleled, and it’s key to our success. The team as a whole regularly authors industry articles and presents at events such as Pocket Gamer Connects and Geekle. I’m thrilled to see where our talented creatives take the company next.”

Importance of Narrative

While the concept of 'story' in match3 games isn't a usual prerequisite, in games such as Lily’s Garden it’s an indisputable plus elevating the genre above other match3 franchises such as Candy Crush. And for that purpose, a studio such as Brunette Games offers a valuable service in providing concept design, scriptwriting and voiceovers to ensure that the game provides has a coherent story that perfectly ties into gameplay.

For a diverse, female-led studio like Brunette Games, this anniversary will not only be an achievement in itself but also symbolic of how a specialist studio can maintain its place in the mobile gaming industry. While many may think that a studio has to be all things at once, being able to focus on providing critical narrative support has helped their games consistently chart across top 20s.

Metacore Games, the studio behind Merge Mansion, which features Brunette Games' work, also recently made the key acquisition of discontinued Supercell Game Everdale. The game, which was sunset late last year, is now wholly owned by the studio.