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Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales removed from app stores

Titles to be revamped for exclusive Netflix Games release
Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales removed from app stores
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Next Games’ Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales has been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store ahead of the title’s move to Netflix Games exclusivity in Q4 2022.

The in-game notice read: “We have had many exciting adventures with you around Hawkins, and later this year, those adventures will be bigger than ever – because Stranger Things Puzzle Tales is moving to Netflix exclusively in late 2022!”

"In absence of in-app purchases"

While the game is no longer accessible to new players and accounts which previously downloaded it, existing players will be able to access the game for the immediate future, although a number of changes have been made to accommodate for the upcoming exclusivity.

These include the removal of IAPs, instead adding “free items, Goo and Radios to the shop and the premium Task Pass will be available to all (restarting May 20) to help you advance in the game in the absence of in-app purchases”.

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales is not the first title to be removed from app stores ahead of Netflix Games exclusivity, although perhaps the most renowned example – Moonlighter – itself is not a Netflix Games exclusive, being available on PC and consoles.

Netflix is currently acquiring Next Games for around €65 million, as the streaming service aims to bolster its struggling subscription numbers with mobile gaming. You can check out every Netflix Games release through this link.