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Super Evil Megacorp launches 5v5 mode in mobile MOBA Vainglory

Switching its competitive scene over to the more traditional mode
Super Evil Megacorp launches 5v5 mode in mobile MOBA Vainglory

Super Evil Megacorp has launched its new 5v5 gameplay mode for its mobile-first MOBA Vainglory.

The 5v5 mode adds a new map, along with an adaptive soundtrack, tailored to providing a more traditional MOBA experience on mobile. Players can now battle in teams of five across three lanes on the battlefield.

The new mode is available to all existing players of Vainglory and is supported by any device that can already run the original version of the game.

As well as affecting the game itself, the new 5v5 mode will also fundamentally change competitive Vainglory. Beginning in April 2018, the Vainglory Premiere League will adopt the 5v5 format for all its matches.

Bigger teams, more growth

The move could have a very positive impact on the growth of the game. 5v5 is the staple format for MOBAs on PC, making it a more familiar experience to a wider audience, and it will increase investment from existing organisations who now need to grow their teams accordingly.

Super Evil announced the launch window for its 5v5 mode back in December 2017. It claims to have been developing the mode since the original 3v3 Vainglory first launched.

Adding this new mode now makes Vainglory more competitive against Tencent's own enormous MOBA Honor of Kings. The game is estimated to have generated $1.9 billion in 2017, and has recently launched in the US.