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Polish studio T-Bull seeks game programmer

40-strong team looking for C#/C++/C expert
Polish studio T-Bull seeks game programmer
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Having grown from a 5-person team working remotely to a 40-strong company headquartered in the country's most famous skycraper, T-Bull is one of the largest mobile game developers Poland.

Responsible primarily for racing and shooting games, the firm also sells high-quality 3D models on the Unity asset store for other developers to use.

Not done yet

Looking to grow further, T-Bull is currently looking to recruit a new C#/C++/C Game Programmer.

The Wrocław-based role requires C#, C++ or C knowledge, as well as experience working with Unity 3D for mobile platforms, but does not stipulate that any formal qualifications are necessary.

The closing date for applications is March 1, so those interested in applying should do so quickly.

For more information on the vacancy, and details on how to apply, see the full listing on our jobs board.