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Kids' game publisher TabTale crosses 1 billion downloads

Tel Aviv studio scores big with family-friendly angle
Kids' game publisher TabTale crosses 1 billion downloads

Tel Aviv-based developer/publisher TabTale has hit a milestone of 1 billion downloads for its line of kids' games.

For context, the firm celebrated breaking the 300 million downloads milestone back in February 2014.

TabTale's strategy is dependent on running a number of games and maintaining a schedule of 2-3 releases per week. It's released more than 350 apps, and boasts 40 million monthly active users.

Strength in numbers

To sustain this, the company puts considerable stock in legacy titles and portfolio management.

"This milestone is an incredible new benchmark for our company," said TabTale CEO Sagi Schliesser.

"TabTale’s philosophy centers on the family experience, which we strive to be a part of on a global scale for kids and parents everywhere."

"Reaching 1 billion downloads is a huge affirmation of our overall mission, as well as the tremendous reputation we’ve worked so hard to cultivate with our target audiences over the years; it’s a true testament to the loyalty of our users."

[Source: VentureBeat]