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Tapjoy’s report highlights the importance of advertising to mobile gamers during the holidays

Two-thirds of users will play mobile games at least three times per day
Tapjoy’s report highlights the importance of advertising to mobile gamers during the holidays
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Tapjoy has been chronicling the evolution of the mobile landscape in a comprehensive series of Modern Mobile Gamer reports. The latest report focuses on Tapjoy’s holiday consumer research.

Based on a survey of more than 14,000 US consumers on Tapjoy’s network, 69 per cent intend to use their phone or tablet to shop this holiday season and 42 per cent plan to spend more than they did during the 2020 holidays.

80 per cent overall say that they plan to make holiday purchases this year, highlighting how highly intent mobile gamers are on shopping.

The most popular time to shop is Black Friday through Cyber Monday, which 73 per cent say they will take advantage of and 56 per cent say is their favourite time to shop for the holidays.

Parents are the most likely to take advantage of Black Friday (76 per cent), followed by Millennials (72 per cent).

In Tapjoy’s research, 30 per cent of participants in their survey plan to spend between $251 and $500 on gifts, with 15 per cent intending to spend $1,000 or more.

Advertisers should therefore consider mobile gamers as an incredibly valuable audience. Those who scale up mobile advertising campaigns will, Tapjoy says, reach ‘highly engaged consumers’.

The Modern Mobile Gamer report also shines a light on gifting categories per demographic, bringing attention to the varying priorities. Men are most likely to spend on toys or games, for example, where women prioritise clothes, footwear and hygiene.

Alcohol is also a higher priority for men than women, and men are overall less likely to shop for the holidays.

Let’s game

With more time off from work, mobile users plan to spend more time gaming on their mobile devices. In the report, 66 per cent of mobile users said that they open mobile games at least three times per day during the holiday.

In the same period, 59 percent of parents engage with playable ads.

This shows that mobile games represent a huge opportunity for advertisers, especially during the holidays.

Tapjoy’s Modern Gamer report also covers Gen Z, Millennials, parents, and Gen X.

For a more in-depth look at Tapjoy’s holiday market research, download the Modern Mobile Gamer Holiday Booklet.