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Tapulous' monthly sales are around $1 million

Tapping out the beat of success
Tapulous' monthly sales are around $1 million
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Talk about ending the year on a high.

Tapulous, the developer behind the Tap Tap Revenge series of games, has told Reuters that with total downloads of its games now over the 20 million mark, its monthly sales are approaching $1 million.

Although the majority of those downloads are accounted for by free versions of Tap Tap Revenge, Tapulous has various ways of making cash.

Thanks to deals with record labels such as Universal, it's released band-focused versions such as Metallica Revenge, Nine Inch Nails Revenge and Lady Gaga Revenge (all $4.99).

It has strong advertising deals, such as its tie-up with 20th Century Fox to promote the film Jennifer's Body.

Also significant however are the extra music packs (ranging from 99c to $2.99), which people can buy as in-app purchases from the company's most recent release, Tap Tap Revenge 3 (99c); a game that has remained in the US Top 100 top grossing games since its release in October.

Tapulous hasn't provided figures of how many in-app purchases its games have generated, although it has revealed more than 600 million games have been played.

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