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Stack open-sources ad software BidMachine mobile apps publishers

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Stack open-sources ad software BidMachine mobile apps publishers

California-based ad technology company Stack has open-sourced its advertisement software BidMachine for all mobile apps publishers.

The ad exchange enables companies to utilise in-app header bidding-compatible ad networks as well as demand-side platforms. Examples of this are videos that reward users for watching the content.

BidMachine technology is used in more than 10,000 mobile apps, which reach an average of 25 million daily users.

Stack is the umbrella brand for monetisation platform Appodeal, which also includes business intelligence tool DataCore, user acquisition kit AppGrowth and expert consultation service Stack Team.

“Global scale”

“Since introducing our own ad exchange, BidMachine, as a part of Stack’s set of monetisation products in 2017, we’ve helped mobile app developers around the globe scale their businesses programmatically,” said Stack CEO Pavel Golubev.

“Last year, we began testing a cutting-edge in-app header bidding technology that provides insights into the true value of ad inventory and optimises every ad request, making mobile ad monetisation efficient in a way it has never been before.”

Appodeal recently made a deal with Epic Games to release an in-game ad monetisation plugin on the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace