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Ten game makers named for the Wings Elevate 2023 accelerator program

The Netflix sponsored program features ten game makers all from gender diverse development teams
Ten game makers named for the Wings Elevate 2023 accelerator program
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Diversity investment fund Wings has announced the ten mobile game developers selected for its 2023 Elevate mobile game accelerator, sponsored by Netflix and delivered by Code Coven.

The teams selected for the program are all gender diverse and feature talent from several territories, including mobile first markets such as Brazil, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

The ten studios selected for the program are:

  • Niku Games
  • PlusPlus
  • SkyReach Studio
  • Glowfrog Games
  • Mellowminx
  • Studio Tilia
  • Team Gramps
  • Queensguard
  • Spider Lily Studios
  • Tiny Fury Games

The importance of inclusivity

The teams will receive development guidance, mentorship, business fundamentals and coaching for pitching to investors and publishers, as well as industry connections and community support. Additionally, teams will receive $10,000 in milestone-based financial stipends.

“We received an incredible number of high quality applications for this year’s WINGS ELEVATE, and we are happy to now announce the final cohort,” said Wings COO Eliana Oikawa. “We are very excited to work with such diverse and talented teams coming from all around the world and are proud to support their journey to success in the mobile game market.”

The accelerator comes alongside an industry-wide push for greater diversity and inclusion in the mobile games space. Gaming has traditionally been a field dominated by heterosexual and cisgendered men, but in recent years more and more game makers have been highlighting the voices of marginalised communities, and as a result we’re seeing not just more inclusive companies, but more diverse games.

“I’m thrilled to announce the 10 teams we are supporting with WINGS Elevate, and cannot wait to bring them onboard and deliver this program,” said Code Coven interim CEO Cinzia Musio. “We’re really proud of the diversity of the teams we are bringing on board, and cannot wait to see their great games grow during the programme.”

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