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Ten Square Games to donate $50k to Healthy Seas

Through an in-game Fishing Clash event
Ten Square Games to donate $50k to Healthy Seas

Ten Square Games to donate around $50,000 to marine life charity Healthy Seas.

March 22nd is celebrated as World Water Day, and to mark the occasion, the Polish mobile games specialist will host an in-game event in Fishing Clash.

“As our most successful titles center around fishing, our teams and players around the globe consider water a necessity. In Fishing Clash alone, we have over 500 fish species,” said Fishing Clash product owner Martin Sikora.

“This year we wish to raise our community’s awareness of the climate challenge. We’re organizing two special events, each dedicated to an extinct fish species.

“Our players’ points will be turned into a real-life monetary donation to Healthy Seas, an NGO that cares for the marine environment.

“We believe that these actions will help raise awareness among our players and give them a chance to make a real impact on water creatures’ wellbeing.”

Healthy Seas has a simple goal, to rid the ocean of waste, including items such as ghost nets. The charity then recycles what it collects.

Such a catch

The event will feature the Smooth Handfish, the first marine fish to be declared officially extinct. Players can encounter it in the Florida location of Fishing Clash.

Meanwhile, in the Fjord Lyngen area, players can see another extinct species known as Houting.

However, only the Smooth Handfish event will run for the entire week, from March 222nd to March 28th, while the Houting will feature between March 26th and March 28th.

Should players catch the fish with a star ranking of 11 or higher, they will unlock a unique tab with a score tab. Following each event, Ten Square Games will tally up the points and donate the money to charity.

‘What counts here is a group effort. Just as in real life, we can achieve a positive change if we all act together,” said Sikora.

“We assume that, with the players’ average involvement, the donation to Healthy Seas will amount to $50,000.”

Last month, it was confirmed that Ten Square Games would expand outside of Poland, opening a new office in Berlin, Germany.