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Tennis Slam served onto Android

Along with two other iPhone adaptations
Tennis Slam served onto Android

FinBlade announced Android adaptations of two of its iPhone games, WordSearch and Movie Quiz, earlier in the week, which are now being joined by a G1 version of Tennis Slam.

"While there has been a stampede to support the iPhone, our approach has been to target all capable smart phones," remarked John Chasey, president of FinBlade, "Our Android launch is the next step of that strategy, which ensures our development spend is maximised across all viable channels."

As there's currently no way for developers to charge for their games over the Android Market store, Tennis Slam will be going on sale at the Handango portal (along with the other two games) instead.

Click here to check out the portal's current selection of G1 games, and don't forget to slam the 'Track It!' button for more Android Tennis Slam info as it lands.