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The "golden rules" for games developers looking to raise funding from institutional investors

Shum Singh goes after the big money

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016, Shum Singh, Founder and MD at Agnitio Capital, gave a talk on the "golden rules" for developers looking to raise funds from institutional investors.

"Unless you have an amazing title in soft launch that is performing well, a lot of publishers and VCs are going to be hesitant about providing that $2 million type round," he said.

Make history

To illustrate this point, Singh pointed to a number of major companies that received high levels of funding, showing that the majority have an impressive history behind them or proof of quality games in the works.

"Finland continues to remain a pretty attractive market from an investor perspective," he added, saying that the development skill and expertise in the country, and the openness of the industry, makes most companies of interest to investors.


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