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The Pocket Gamer 2020 Sessions land in London this month!

Fun speed-lecture sessions with 20 seconds per slide at Pocket Gamer Connects London
The Pocket Gamer 2020 Sessions land in London this month!

Picture this - you have several talented games industry speakers and give them time to present their key industry thoughts. However, you restrict them to 20 slides in a little under seven minutes.

You have just pictured the madness of the Pocket Gamer 2020 Sessions! This event compiles some of the games industry’s top speakers in a brilliantly to-the-point presentation event to finish off the first day of Pocket Gamer Connects London.

Come and see our speakers get straight down to business, and who knows, drinks may be included.

More details are yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned…

The stellar speakers confirmed so far are:

  • Tamalaki, Martine Spaans, Owner
  • Wixel Studios, Reine Abbas, COO & Co-founder
  • King, Chris Winn, Level Designer
  • Dead Five, Chris Kempt, Founder
  • Fundamentally Games, Oscar Clark, Chief of Curiosity

See them in action!

Come and see these great speakers by booking your ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects London now!