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The Sims Mobile builds up $15 million in revenues after four months

59 per cent of revenues come from the US
The Sims Mobile builds up $15 million in revenues after four months

EA’s The Sims Mobile has exceeded the $15 million mark in terms of revenues.

That comes from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, which reports that the life management sim exceeded the milestone four months after launch.

America has proven to be the most profitable region for the game thus far,  with approximately 59 per cent of revenue coming from the region. The UK gives the game its second most popular region with 8 per cent.

It was also EA’s eighth highest earning mobile title across the App Store and Google Play for the month of June.

Competition amongst Sims

The Sims Mobile isn’t the only game within the franchise on the mobile market, however, as the Sims FreePlay has been available on iOS and Android since 2011.

According to Sensor Tower head of mobile insights Randy Nelson, the former is still behind the latter in terms of generating revenue.

“Electronic Arts continues to operate The Sims FreePlay concurrently with The Sims Mobile, which still has considerable ground to cover in order to supplant that earlier title,” said Nelson.

“Last month, The Sims FreePlay was EA’s third highest earning mobile game, taking in about double the revenue of The Sims Mobile worldwide.”