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TIGA answers House of Lords inquiry into employment and Covid-19

Trade association outlines four measures to help the industry
TIGA answers House of Lords inquiry into employment and Covid-19

TIGA, the trade association that represent the videogame industry in the UK, has outlined four measures for the government to consider in the wake of the announcement of a House of Lords select committee inquiry into employment and Covid-19

The inquiry, which is being run by the Lords Economic Affairs Committee, "will examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market and consider what urgent measures should be taken to protect and create jobs. It will also examine how the labour market may change as a result of the pandemic in the longer term."

The four recommendations, are designed to strengthen the industry in the UK, as well as maintaining employment in the sector during this unprecedented pandemic. These include Supporting businesses to start, grow and employ, Developing skills, Infrastructure and Science, research and innovation.

"An important contribution"

Speaking in a press release, Dr. Richard Wilson, the CEO of TIGA said, "As of November 2018, the UK video games development sector directly employed 14,350 people. Over 26,000 jobs were indirectly supported by UK video games studios.

"Enhancing the UK video games sector through implementing the measures recommended by TIGA will help to make an important contribution to the UK’s economic recovery and increase high skilled employment in the sector."

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