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Trailmix’s new directors blaze a trail with second studio in Berlin

Annelie Biernat and Christopher Parschat join as studio director and creative director respectively
Trailmix’s new directors blaze a trail with second studio in Berlin

Love & Pies developer Trailmix has opened up its second studio, expanding its presence outside of London with a new location in Berlin.

Having received Supercell’s backing for the launch of Love & Pies, Trailmix’s debut game, the studio has grown from a team of 10 to one more than 60 strong in recent years.

Now, Trailmix has announced its latest hires in Annelie Biernat and Christopher Parschat, who have joined the team and opened the Berlin studio.

The trail continues

Both Biernat and Parschat bring years of experience from German mobile developer Wooga, which specialises in casual games.

Biernat spent a decade working at Wooga and led a number of teams in that time through the development of Pearl’s Peril, Switchcraft and more. At Trailmix’s new locale, she is taking on the role of studio director.

Parschat, meanwhile, had worked for Wooga since 2009. He also supported the growth of Switchcraft, as well as Diamond Dash and various other titles. At Trailmix, he is now creative director in Berlin.

"We are beyond excited to announce that we have opened a second Trailmix studio in Berlin with the goal of growing our family of games!" Trailmix said.

"One of the things we learnt is that our success so far is all down to the amazing people here at Trailmix. And to continue to build on that success it’s all about finding (more) amazing people — people who share the same purpose, values, and beliefs as ourselves. Well, we found some of those amazing people and knew we had to work with them."

Love & Pies has been a success for Trailmix so far, and the company is already working on a number of new games with hopes of reaching millions of players. The Berlin studio will support this strategy.

"In today’s mobile gaming landscape it is more important than ever to find an edge when it comes to distributing your games to the millions of players you want to reach," Trailmix added. “In opening a second studio in Berlin to work on new games we increase our ability to explore novel ways to delight our players."

Supercell did in fact acquire Trailmix last year, claiming a majority stake in the developer through a $60 million investment. Both companies were featured in our Top 50 Mobile Game Makers 2023 list.