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Twitter creator reveals Square secure payment system for iPhone

Accept credit cards through any mobile device with a jack socket
Twitter creator reveals Square secure payment system for iPhone

PayPal has proven to be something of a revolution in the world of online payments, allowing everyone to accept a credit card payment from anyone else, anywhere in the world.

The eBay owned company has dabbled with mobile payments, but never found much traction, mainly because users were unsure of the security risks.

But secure mobile payments are expected to huge in the immediate future, and Twitter creator Jack Dorsey is part of a new group of tech savvy developers ready to launch the Square payment system.

This new system connects to any mobile device with a 3.5mm audio input socket and an internet connection, allowing users to swipe credit cards and accept an immediate, secure credit or debit card payment.

The system even offers visual confirmation, providing a photo of the card owner for the payee to visually confirm the identity of their customer.

The Square website has just been launched, demonstrating how devices such as iPhone can be used with the small card reader dongle. Getting it into customers trusting hands will be no small hurdle, but it undeniably offers a fascinating new world of mobile payments.