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Two Way Media and Connect2Media sign licensing deal

Interactive TV hit String ‘em In kicks things off
Two Way Media and Connect2Media sign licensing deal

Two Way Media has been providing games and interactive content to digital television providers for quite some time now, with one of its most popular games, String ‘em In, kicking off a licensing deal with Manchester-based multi-platform developer, Connect2Media.

String ‘em In has proved to be Virgin Media’s most popular game on its interactive channels, and has seen equal popularity for the last five years in New Zealand and Australia.

“We are very excited about the many different opportunities for bringing our most popular game to an even wider audience,” says James Turner, sales director at Two Way Media. “String ’em In is a compelling, clever, fun game which can be played anywhere, anytime so it makes absolute sense for us to take it on to many different platforms.”

There are also plans to bring the wordsearch-style game to Facebook, as well as begin broadcasting it to other countries through interactive television services, South Africa, Canada and across Europe.

The deal between these two very different areas of modern gaming could well be expanded to include other properties Two Way Media currently broadcasts through IPTV, as the multi-platform exposure of String ‘em In is likely to be quite significant throughout 2009.