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UA outfit YouAppi raises $3 million to move beyond installs to LTV

Moving downstream
UA outfit YouAppi raises $3 million to move beyond installs to LTV
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 20, 2014 investment 2B-Angels Flint Capital Glilot Capital Partners YouAppi $3m

Data-driven user acquisition outfit YouAppi announced it has raised a $3 million via a Series A funding round led by Glilot Capital Partners, 2B-Angels and Flint Capital.

This takes the company's investment total up $5 million. 

The company also revealed a new user acquisition solution that it says guarentees higher customer lifetime value.

The new SDK-free service uses real-time multi variant analysis and mobile app recommendations to maximise inventory monetisation for over 1,100 publishers.

Value for money

YouAppi CEO and founder Moshe Vaknin believes that a data-driven platform that looks beyond installs is exactly what clients need.

“After spending time and working together with mobile marketers, we realized that what they need is a data-driven technology platform which has been optimized for Lifetime Customer Value, not merely delivering installs,” said Vaknin.

Kobi Samboursky, co-founder and partner of leading investor Glilot Capital has explained that positive customer feedback continues to validate the firm's value.

“We’re excited to lead YouAppi's current fundraising round after a year of significant revenue growth since Glilot first invested in YouAppi in 2013,” said Samboursky.

“Positive feedback from the company's clients continues to validate their value proposition: YouAppi generates mobile customers with a greater Lifetime Value.”