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Umeng reckons first WeChat games had 1-day retention of 32%

Market analytics from China
Umeng reckons first WeChat games had 1-day retention of 32%
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It seems like pretty random timing but Chinese mobile analytics outlet Umeng (owned by Alibaba) has released a bunch of data on the market.

Produced together with the ChinaJoy conference, it says that between August 2012 to August 2013, the number of monthly active players of mobile games has increased 4.5 times.

That's as reported by TechNode, but no absolute figures have been presented.

Back during ChinaJoy in July 2013, it was reckoned that there were 171 million mobile gamers in China.

Keeping the customer satisfied

Umeng has also looked at usage patterns for different devices.

It reckons iPad users clock up the longest app sessions - 6.7 minutes - compared to 5.1 minutes for iPhone, and 5.8 minutes for Android users (presumably combining phone and tablet).

More interestingly, though, Umeng checked out what was going on with Tencent's WeChat social gaming platform.

It reckons during its launch phase in September 2013, games on the platform had a 1-day retention rate of 32 percent and a 7-day retention rate of 10.5 percent. Both figures are strong, although not spectacularly so in terms of global norms.