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Unity introduces scriptable render pipelines and C# Job System in 2018.1 update

Latest version includes 330 new features and improvements
Unity introduces scriptable render pipelines and C# Job System in 2018.1 update
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Unity has introduced scriptable render pipelines and a C# Job System as part of its large 2018.1 update.

The new additions utilise high-definition rendering and performance tech are designed to make it easier to achieve better graphics and high-end performance.

The 2018.1 update comes with 330 new features and improvements. This includes a new high-performance multithreaded programme called the Entity Component System that lets devs take advantage of multi-core processors without the need for heavy programming.

Other graphical additions include ProBuilder, Polybrush and Cinemachine Storyboard which are used to create levels, cinematic content and gameplay sequences without coding.

Unity has also added optimised support for Magic Leap One, Oculus Go and Daydream Standalone to help aid virtual and augmented reality development.


“With Unity 2018.1 we are introducing one of the largest upgrades in the history of our company, and it’s centred around two major concepts - next-level rendering and performance by default,” said Unity Technologies VP of engineering Bret Bibby.

“We have brought the world’s best talent together with the goal of making Unity 2018 the premier choice for all creators, from high-end studios to individuals experimenting with the boundaries of what's possible and everything in between.”

You can check out all the latest updates in Unity 2018.1 here.

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