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Upsight looks to make location matter with its GeoTrigger ad technology

Are your users in the place to be?
Upsight looks to make location matter with its GeoTrigger ad technology

Listen to mobile marketeers and they're always banging on about more accurate user targeting.

That's something US mobile analytics and marketing platform Upsight is looking to highlight with the roll out of its new geo-targeting service.

Called GeoTrigger, it's a service which looks to combine location and activity in an app or game to generate higher response to an in-app ad campaign.


GeoTrigger uses Upsight's analytics smarts to identify where users are and when they are most engaged with an app or game.

This data can then be used to create campaigns targeted to specific user groups at specific locations.

This sort of activity can also be used to make the most of adhoc opportunities such as festivals and events, reward users for specific in-app activity as well as be combined with retargeting activity such as a scheduled post-event push notification.

"Mobile-focused businesses are inundated with volumes of user data," said Andy Yang, Upsight's CEO.

"Upsight GeoTrigger makes geolocation data actionable, adding another targeting parameter to help mobile marketers deploy differentiated user experiences that can improve customer loyalty and revenue at the street level."

Currently available via beta for iOS and Android, you can find out more information at the Upsight website.