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With over 1 million Twitch viewers a month, Super Evil builds out Vainglory’s eSports potential

Mobile MOBA’s latest trick
With over 1 million Twitch viewers a month, Super Evil builds out Vainglory’s eSports potential

It’s been a year since US developer Super Evil Megacorp released its ‘made for mobile MOBA’ Vainglory, and a lot has changed in that time.

Most notable, has been the emergence of eSports as a possible channel for mobile games; something Super Evil has been quick to adopt, especially in terms of breaking Vainglory in Korea.

One measure of this has been the game’s takeup on Twitch, where it generated over one million unique viewers during September.

That number may not seem like much compared to the big hitting PC MOBAs, but given the challenges of breaking a new game, and a mobile one at that - Twitch is not a natural home for mobile games - it’s a good start.

And Super Evil is keen to keep building up.

Event focused

It’s just launched Vainglory in China for iPhone and iPad - something it supported with a big marketing push.

And, in addition, the company has started working more closely with the eSport professionals.

For example pro team SK Gaming has acquired European Vainglory outfit R3D Gaming, adding the game to its portfolio of teams such as Counter-Strike:GO, Hearthstone and World of Warcraft.

“There is huge potential for eSports on touch screens and Vainglory is the leading competitive-level touch game out there,” commented SK Gaming MD Alexander Müller.

“SK Gaming has deep roots in the eSports industry, and transforming R3D Gaming into the SK mobile division will usher in a new era for the entire genre,” added R3D Gaming’s MD Martin Marquardt.

In this context, the Autumn Season 2015 Live Finals for Vainglory continue through December with three day competitive events held in Poland and the US.

Supported with sponsorship from Amazon and Nvidia, eight teams are competing for a prize pool of $15,000.

You can watch everything that’s going on in the world of Vainglory via Twitch.