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As it goes cross-platform with Android support, Vainglory announces 1.5 million MAUs

Also moving into eSports
As it goes cross-platform with Android support, Vainglory announces 1.5 million MAUs

To-date, ambitious, high-end MOBA Vainglory has not been troubling the top grossing charts in key iOS territories.

According to US developer Super Evil Megacorp that's because the game hasn't previously been formally launched.

Indeed, the eight months to-date have been a prolonged and largescale beta test in which it's been focused on player engagement and retention, not monetisation.

We'll soon know if that interpretation is correct, as Super Evil Megacorp is now formally announcing Vainglory's full commercial launch as it goes live on Google Play.

Shooting for the future

Supporting more than 150 Android devices and offering cross-platform support, the developer has also revealed that on iOS, it had an active monthly player base of 1.5 million.

Further evidence for the game's slow burn comes with the news that it generated over 13 million minutes of viewtime from 270,000 Twitch viewers in May.

That's an average of 48 minutes per viewer.


And to cap off the announcement, Super Evil Megacorp is positioning itself for the hot eSports market, in part thanks to a hook up with Korean broadcaster OnGameNet to run the first-ever Vainglory Worlds Invitational Tournament in Seoul, South Korea, July 13-14.

As part of this move, the companies have come up with a special 4K-capable desktop spectator client.

"Our players and community have always come first, and we've taken the past eight months to listen to feedback, develop a robust set of features, heroes and content and ultimately deliver an unforgettable MOBA experience for touch, just like a PC title would do with a beta period," said Super Evil Megacorp CEO Bo Daly.