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Video: Why you should be developing using Google Play services

The benefits of developing for Android
Video: Why you should be developing using Google Play services

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016, Tobias Knoke, Business Development Manager EMEA for Google Play Games at Google UK, gave a talk on why you should be on the company's app store.

"We have more than 1 billion active devices worldwide", he started, pointing to the platforms impressive global reach, and also stating that 77% of EMEA's smartphones run Android.

Knoke then moved on to what exactly Google Play can do for developers, outlining the tools that Google has made available to them to help.

At your disposal

First of all is their alpha and beta testing tools, which lets developers release their game in an unfinished form either in an open or closed setting to test the game.

Next, Google Play allows developers to perform Store Listing Experiments, such as A/B testing on icons, which Knoke says is useful because a good icon "can really drive downloads".

Google Play also now allows developers to allow players to pre-register for their games, as well as offering rewards for people who do so, which can drive interest in the game.

Finally, Knoke touched on a then-new feature Google was rolling out, the predictive analysis, which could help determine whether "users were going to churn or spend."


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