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Weekly global mobile games charts: Wizards Unite hits top 10 US download charts but is not a top grosser

Rankings from June 17th to June 23rd
Weekly global mobile games charts: Wizards Unite hits top 10 US download charts but is not a top grosser

To give our readers better insight into the global mobile games industry, we’ve teamed up with market data firm Sensor Tower to bring you exclusive weekly charts from key countries.

These rank games by free downloads, paid downloads and the top grossers across the App Store and Google Play. Each week we’ll be covering the US, Great Britain and Ireland, and China (iOS only) markets.

This week's charts cover the period from June 17th to June 23rd

US charts

Niantic and Warner Bros' Harry Potter: Wizards Unite reached the top 10 download charts this week, hitting fifth on the App Store and second on Google Play.

It couldn't find its way into the top 10 grossing rankings however, though it should be noted the game was launched in the middle of the week on June 20th.

Pokemon Go meanwhile ranked ninth on the App Store top grossing chart and sixth on Google Play.

Roblox was the week's biggest revenue generator on iOS, while Supercell's Clash of Clans was king on Android.

Great Britain and Ireland charts

Wizards Unite entered the download rankings in third on the App Store and second on Google Play this week, while Voodoo's took top spot on both stores.

Though Roblox took the top grossing spot on the US App Store, its surge up the UK rankings saw it halted in second as Moon Active's Coin Master continues to reign supreme. Clash of Clans took third spot on both stores, behind King's Candy Crush Saga on Android.

China charts (iOS only)

All the top five most downloaded games this week were new to the top 10. They included Tencent's Raziel in first, NetEase's Sky in second, Shanda Games' Fallout Shelter Online in third, Tianma's One Punch Man in fourth and Drodo's Auto Chess in fifth.

Surprisingly the top 10 left no room for Game for Peace and Honor of Kings, though the two titles retained the top two grossing positions.

There were a few new top 10 grossers on the Chinese App Store this week. Most notably, Tianma's licensed game One Punch Man hit fifth spot, while Tencent's Legend of Swordman 3 and Raziel took sixth and 10th.

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