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WePlay Ventures launches Europe’s largest accelerator program for gaming startups

The program will help train game studios in various aspects of development
WePlay Ventures launches Europe’s largest accelerator program for gaming startups

WePlay Ventures has launched what it calls Europe’s largest accelerator program for gaming startups, named WePlay Hub.

The program will educate gaming startups in various aspects of development for mobile, PC, console, and Web3 platforms, with studios throughout Türkiye, Europe, and Central Asia able to apply.

Throughout the program, studios will receive training in both technical areas such as art and game design and development, as well as business aspects such as finance and strategy. This includes identifying the optimal monetisation techniques for each game’s platform and genre, creating a strategic monetisation plan, and hosting discussions to help studios test their games and identify the key metrics for their respective genres.

A new program

Studios will also be given the opportunity to meet industry veterans to learn from their experiences, while studios that complete the program successfully will be given the opportunity to receive an investment of up to $300 thousand from the fund and test their games with the world’s largest publishers.

“At WePlay, we are committed to supporting early-stage gaming studios in every way we can,” said WePlay Ventures managing partner Bora Koçyiğit. “We have recognized that these studios require strategic and financial guidance, which forms the foundation of our Acceleration Program.”

"In collaboration with leading stakeholders in the European gaming ecosystem, we have created what we believe will be Europe's largest game acceleration program. We are confident that the program will surpass expectations and benefit the entire gaming industry in the region.”

WePlay Hub was created in collaboration with Azerion, and has an emphasis on securing the best publishing and investment opportunities, in addition to fostering synergy and knowledge sharing. Although the program will primarily take place online, physical workspaces will be available in 13 countries, with further details to be announced.

In March, WePlay Ventures expanded to Europe and Central Asia.