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What are NFTs and how are they changing the games landscape? Find out at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022

Learn all about what NFTs are and how they are changing monetisation strategies in 2022 at PGC London
What are NFTs and how are they changing the games landscape? Find out at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022

With global NFT trading sales reaching a colossal $22 billion in 2021in comparison to $100 million in 2020, there is no better time to start breaking into this booming industry than now.

With the gaming industry, we have a unique opportunity to make the most of NFTs through in-game purchases and NFT items. How exactly do we go about making use of this emerging technology for our games, though? Look no further than our upcoming Pocket Gamer Connects London conference to get all your questions answered by experts at the intersection of gaming and NFTs. Over 1500 game industry professionals are coming together to gain insights that will level up our strategies for the coming year. As an attendee, you can put yourself and your business in the best position to collaborate, network and learn from other leaders in the industry from over 700 companies from around the world.

Our New NFT Economies track at the conference will welcome a number of experts at the cutting edge of NFT-game integration. The conversations on the track will span from defining NFTs to understanding how we assign value to them to how exactly we can incorporate NFTs into games in a manner that most appeals to everyday players.

We are happy to present Epik as our track sponsor. The team at Epik is helping bring hundreds of games to the next level with Epik in-game and NFT items. They are the prime point of connection between brands and games, bringing unique collaborations to life on digital platforms.

Keep reading to see a schedule detailing what this track is all about.

New NFT Economies: February 15th

11:30 - We’re diving straight into defining NFTs with a session exploring the difference between a token and the underlying asset. Get all your NFT questions answered at this session with Shaban Shaame from EverdreamSoft.

11:50 - Keynote session TBA.

12:10 - Now that we all know about NFTs, how do we make them commonplace and easily understood by the everyday gamer? We’re wrapping up the track with a panel discussion with experts to help untangle the confusion and discuss how we can bring NFTs to the mainstream. The panel will be moderated by Becks Perfect from Nifty World and will feature Sean Kauppinen from Hiber AB, Nick Sadler from Goldfinch, Kim Soares from Social First Games, Tsahi Liberman from Lightneer and Bozena Rezab from GAMEE.

This is just a taste of the 20 tracks that we have lined up for the London conference. Don’t miss out on viewing the conference schedule to get a glimpse at everything we have to offer at PG Connects London.

Secure your tickets now

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See you in two weeks!