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Why Toronto is the place to be for PG Connects 2023!

The provincial capital of Ontario is the next setting for PG Connects in 2023
Why Toronto is the place to be for PG Connects 2023!

Ah, Canada - land of Mounties, maple-syrup, Scott Pilgrim and Tim Hortons. But it’s not just these pernicious cliches that you should think of when it comes to the Great White North. Because if you’re looking at Toronto - PG Connect’s next location in 2023 - you should be thinking gaming!

Aside from boasting a number of high-profile companies such as Ubisoft, Toronto is home to many smaller studios who benefit from a wide range of employee perks often promoted to attract applicants to the country - and city’s - growing tech sector.

Heaping on the goodness there is a huge number of tax breaks available for smaller companies looking to establish themselves in this vibrant and growing city. It all adds up to a culture built on innovation where small start ups can thrive alongside multinationals who dropship in to hoover up the talent.

Here’s just a few of the companies that call Canada their home:

Snowman: Developers of Alto’s Adventure, a minimalist endless runner for iOS and Android.

Square Enix Montreal: Developers of Lara Croft GO, now one of the few remnants of the stylish, board-game inspired GO series after the shutdown of fellow entries Hitman GO and Deus Ex GO.

Capy Games: The studio behind OG stylish indie adventure game Superbrothers: Swords and Sorcery EP.

Sara Northway: Solo developer of zombie strategy title Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville.

Overhaul Games: The studio that ported classic CRPG title Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition onto mobile.

Behaviour Interactive: Needs no introduction, developed Dead by Daylight and the newly re-energised Dead by Daylight Mobile.

DrinkBox Studios: Creators of swiping-combat title Severed, with a memorable art style and intuitive controls.

Klei Entertainment: Developers of Don’t Starve, and the mobile spin-off, Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition.

RAC7 Games: Developers behind Sneaky Sasquatch, an Apple Arcade mainstay.

And that's why every year we have a Pocket Gamer Connects on the ground in Canada in the development hotbed of Toronto, Ontario. And the ever increasing number of indie developers who'll be appearing just gets longer by the day. Confirmed attendees include: 

  • Studio Doko Inc.
  • GameVision Studios
  • Deeonez Entertainment Corp
  • Arcadian Lab Inc.
  • Entertainment Corp Deeonez
  • Red Meat Games
  • CrossPlanet Game
  • Transitional Forms

If you want to meet these studios, drink in their knowhow and a lot more besides, there’s only one place to be. PG Connects Toronto 2023 will be the next entry in our ongoing series of events in the country, and promises to be even bigger, even better and more opportunity-packed than last year.

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