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With a conversion rate of 10%, ustwo's Monument Valley IAP has paid off

Update has driven strong top grossing performance
With a conversion rate of 10%, ustwo's Monument Valley IAP has paid off

One of the more interesting mobile gaming stories of recent week's has revolved around ustwo's Monument Valley.

Launched on iOS in April, followed by Google Play and Amazon Appstore a month later, the $4 game has been both a critical and commercial success, also gaining an Apple Design Award 2014.

The controversy - debated this week by our Mobile Mavens and opined upon by commentators - has revolved around the release of eight new levels (called Forgotten Shores) as a $2 paid unlock.

Some players seemingly felt that having paid for the game once, all other content should be free, scoring the 'update' with 1-star reviews on the App Store.

(Although neatly Amazon has the 'Android-exclusive on Forgotten Shores, which you can get on 20 November priced $2, with the original Monument Valley given away as part of its Free App of the Day program.)

The long view

According to ustwo executive producer Dan Gray, however, the whole 1-star event was "blown out of proportion".

"It's actually been an astronomically good release, both in terms of downloads and exposure and a massive majority of players are overjoyed with the offering and have upgraded," he says.

"We've probably had more people on Twitter asking for ways to give us more money than we have people complaining about the price," he told the Mavens.

Indeed, the conversion rate for the new content has, according to Gray, been "about 10% of all iOS copies ever sold" - a solid rate in terms of industry standard and one that given the game's more than million sales, means over 100,000 additional purchases.

Check the charts

This is something that becomes clear if we look at Monument Valley's performance on some top grossing charts.

For example, in the US, the game dropped out of the top 200 top grossingchart for iPhone back in July. The new content has seen it spike back into the top 100.

We can see similar performance in Russia, while in China - where the game has had a stronger top grossing performance in general - the update has seen the game reach a similar chart position compared to when it was originally released.