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Monument Valley is either a massive success or a demonstration of paid games' upside cap

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Monument Valley is either a massive success or a demonstration of paid games' upside cap

Monument Valley - ustwo's $3.99 Game of the Year in many people's view - is the game that keeps on giving - both in terms of data and debate.

The UK studio has now released a detailed infographic concerning the game's sales.

To-date, there have been 2.4 million sales of which 1.7 million have been on iOS, 296,000 from Google Play and 92,000 from the Amazon Appstore. Amazon also gave away 408,000 copies.

576,000 players (or 34 percent of the iOS user base) bought the Forgotten Shores IAP pack.

According to its Flurry analytics, the game has been installed on over 10 million devices, however.

The difference is mainly due to piracy; something the company has been vocal about, especially in terms of it mainly occurring from Google Play.

<em>Monument Valley's</em> revenue peaked at its launches
Monument Valley's revenue peaked at its launches

The resulting revenue is $5.9 million (this seems to be net of the platform holder's 30 percent cut), of which 82 percent came from iOS.

As you may expect for a paid game, the highest one day revenue was $145,500 at launch.

Dollar ceiling

Ustwo has also revealed its development costs, saying the original game took the 8-man team 55 weeks to make.

It prices this at $852,000, while Forgotten Shores took a further 29 weeks to make, at a cost of $549,000.

The total development costs were hence $1.4 million, giving an overall profit a $4.5 million.

<em>Forgotten Stores</em> was a lot less profitable than <em>Monument Valley</em> itself
Forgotten Stores was a lot less profitable than Monument Valley itself

While this four-fold amount seems impressive, however, if ustwo hadn't made Forgotten Shores (which cost $1.99, hence generating around $800,000), its profit margin would have been almost six-fold.

Equally, given publicity and strong backing from platform holders the game has generated, others have pointed out the fact that ustwo can only generate a maximum of $5 gross from each player demonstrates how the financial success of paid games is severely limited.

In comparison, top grossing free-to-play games can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars daily, with ongoing success resulting in revenues rising over time.

You can see the complete infographic here.