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"Big, hairy fight" rumbles on as ZeniMax demands block on Oculus sales or 20% share

Also looking for another $500 million in damages

ZeniMax has returned to court in its ongoing legal battle against Oculus to seek a full block on Oculus sales along with further damages.

As reported by Ars Technica, ZeniMax argued for a ban of sales of any Oculus hardware or software deemed to be derived from its original technology. If the judge did not agree to this, ZeniMax would instead settle for a 20% royalty for all Oculus sales for the next ten years.

As well as this, ZeniMax is seeking a further $500 million in damages on top of the $500 million it was already awarded. The company argued that the original amount "is an insufficient incentive for Defendants to cease infringing."

Come out swinging

Oculus is fighting back with the argument that ZeniMax is not suffering any loss in sales because it does not have a VR product on the market.

It also argues that any NDA breaches were made too long ago to be making any difference now, and that ZeniMax couldn't provide any evidence that Oculus' current source code is infringing on its original technology.

The judge presiding over the case did not give a ruling, but did suggest the two companies should settle. He stated that he would "resolve the heck out of [this] big, hairy fight" sooner rather than later.

ZeniMax's original lawsuit against Oculus ended in the company being awarded $500 million for the VR developer failing to comply with an NDA. The company is also currently suing Samsung, which uses Oculus technology in its Gear VR headsets.