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Zynga and Socialpoint celebrate Two Dots’ 10th anniversary with a fresh visual overhaul

The enduring puzzler turns 10 and anniversary events include treasure hunts and two Birthday Flips
Zynga and Socialpoint celebrate Two Dots’ 10th anniversary with a fresh visual overhaul
  • Zynga and Socialpoint celebrate 10 years of Two Dots
  • Most celebratory content will be available until July 8th
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Zynga and Socialpoint are celebrating 10 years of minimalist puzzle game Two Dots with limited-time events, fresh visuals, and brand-new features in a special update marking the occasion.

This game about connecting lines of dots has come a long way since 2014 - through castles, down rivers of lava, and even across dimensions - and now in 2024, it’s celebrating 10 years with plenty of new content and features, and a revamp to the artstyle due to stay in place until July 8th.

Plenty to celebrate

Among the celebratory features is a new booster called Cosmic Blast, designed to help players through the most challenging levels Two Dots has to offer.

Scavenger Hunt Hub, meanwhile, is opening up more scavenger hunts to players, like Beloved Barcelona - a hunt available from June 12th to July 2nd paying tribute to developer Socialpoint’s home base, Barcelona. An anniversary treasure hunt also launched today, June 13th.

Two Birthday Flips have already been added as well, tasking players with completing levels to flip tiles on a board, earning prizes along the way. They feature Two Dots’ main characters Emily and Uncle Jack in interconnected Flips.

While the time-limited rebrand and new features are only available on July 8th, anniversary celebrations have been promised to last the year, with more improvements and features to be introduced over time.

Two Dots, two developers

"We are thrilled to offer our players a unique and immersive experience with this limited-time makeover and series of fun events," said Socialpoint VP of product Chloé Touitou. "It’s our way of celebrating 10 years of Two Dots and showing appreciation to our loyal community. Players are invited to join the party through lots of exclusive new activities, including the favourite side game, Scavenger Hunts."

Reaching 10 years of service is a huge milestone for any game, and Two Dots outliving its original developer surely speaks to its success. Take-Two closed down the game’s creator Playdots in 2022 but promised players that Two Dots would continue running under "another Zynga studio".

That studio proved to be Socialpoint, the developer of Dragon City, Tasty Town, and most recently Top Troops.

According to AppMagic data, Two Dots has generated $267 million in revenue in its lifetime. Under Socialpoint the game reached its ninth anniversary and now its 10th, arriving at this moment thanks to Playdot and Socialpoint both.