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Zynga struck with lawsuit regarding Words with Friends data breach

Estimated 173 million usernames and passwords hacked
Zynga struck with lawsuit regarding Words with Friends data breach

US games developer Zynga has been struck with a class action lawsuit in California regarding the company's data breach in 2019.

As reported by, the studio is facing a court case surrounding stolen player information across Words with Friends and Draw Something users.

The lawsuit was brought forward by Michigan resident Amy Gitre and a minor from Kansas, represented by his parent Nasim Chaudhri "on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated."

In September last year, the company revealed player account information had been accessed via a cyber-attack. While no financial data was believed to have been accessed, the hackers did obtain entry to an estimated 173 million usernames and passwords.

Player awareness

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Zynga failed to make its players aware of the data breach by only posting a notice to its website, with no emails of notice being sent out to this day.

"Only those users who happened to visit Zynga's website on their own volition, read about the breach in the news, or had signed up to receive email data breach notifications from independent third parties that monitor data breaches were made aware of the breach," reads the lawsuit document. reached out to Zynga for comment, however the company declined to comment on legal matters.

Zynga meanwhile has announced a new license deal with Portkey Games and Warner Bros. for Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells.