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Zynga’s Game of Thrones: Legends is open for pre-registrations with a July 25th release date

So soon after Star Wars: Hunters, Zynga is releasing another licenced game this summer
Zynga’s Game of Thrones: Legends is open for pre-registrations with a July 25th release date
  • Zynga’s Game of Thrones: Legends is coming out of soft launch on July 25th
  • Pre-registrations are open now, with early installers able to claim exclusive rewards
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Zynga’s Game of Thrones: Legends has received an official launch date of July 25th, with pre-registrations for the puzzle RPG now open on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

Next month, Game of Thrones fans will have the chance to establish their own house in Westeros and make allies of fan-favourite characters from across the series and its spinoff, House of the Dragon.

Early installers will also be able to claim exclusive in-game rewards like "premiere access" to King Robert Baratheon, provided they complete the first chapter of Legends within seven days of launch. They will also receive gold, food, and three daily summon tokens.

Zynga is coming

Zynga’s latest game follows soon after Star Wars: Hunters and is another licenced title. The developer is able to utilise this huge IP through a licencing deal with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, on HBO’s behalf, meaning the legacy characters due to feature will share a likeness with their HBO show counterparts, rather than drawing new interpretations from the books.

Among said characters highlighted in the reveal trailer are Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and House of the Dragon protagonist Rhaenyra Targaryan.

The puzzle game is a collision of two times, therefore, bringing together the casts of the main series and its prequel in match-3 combat against frosty foes like the Night King. The many returning characters have their own moves and abilities with different weapons and gear to equip, with different pairs unlocking new potential and culminating in a match-3 game that’s just as much a strategy RPG.

And the available characters aren’t limited to humans: even Prince Aemon’s Blood Wyrm Caraxes is available to unlock, obtainable as a leaderboard exclusive.

Legends has been out in soft launch since September 2023 and Zynga has promised tournaments based on "gripping moments" from the shows sure to further grab fans going forward - especially after its full, global release. The next update is due to bring content based on events from House of the Dragon.

"Our team is creating an exciting RPG puzzle experience that combines skill-based play with the unrivalled depth and lore of the Game of Thrones universe," said Zynga EVP, mobile games Yaron Leyvand.

"Game of Thrones: Legends invites fans and players to interact daily with their favourite Westeros characters, events, and locations in a journey that is both highly strategic and incredibly enjoyable."

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