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Ad-wrapped games wrapped up in a newspaper partners with Metro has been dishing out ad-wrapped mobile games for quite some time now, giving careful consumers the chance to play some of the industry’s major hits so long as they don’t mind a couple of ads before and after playing.

It’s now partnered up with the UK’s free urban newspaper Metro, which currently finds its way into the hands of almost five million commuters every day. Dynamic, relevant ads will be wrapped around the free games downloaded by sending a text message to the numbers printed in the Metro newspaper. currently offers titles from the likes of RealArcade, Digital Chocolate, Hands-On Mobile, PlayerX, In-Fusio, Fishlabs, Indiagames and Progressive Media, with over 50 titles on its roster.

“This deal with Metro is a major step forward for,” says Ilkka Lassila, CEO and co-founder of “By offering games across its print, web and mobile sites, millions of readers who may have never downloaded a game before can now get top quality games without any risk or spending any money.

"For people sitting on the bus or on a tube thinking what they can do to keep the boredom at bay, in just a few seconds they can be playing some of the best games available - all for free.”