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Fishlabs launching free mobile games on 123play

Releasing five titles on the ad-funded service
Fishlabs launching free mobile games on 123play

Fishlabs is the latest publisher to sign up for the 123play ad-funded mobile games service.

The company has initially launched five games on the service: Burning Tires, Galaxy On Fire, Tank Raid, Planet Riders and Heli Strike.

They're all archive titles rather than new games, indicating that Fishlabs is keen not to cannibalise sales of its newer titles through paid-for distribution channels.

The deal boosts 123play's catalogue to more than 80 mobile games, compared to 40 when it launched in May.

That's still a relatively low number compared to some rivals (Greystripe has a catalogue of more than 900), but 123play says its strategy has always been quality over quantity.

Fishlabs approves: "It is especially important here that our titles are not swamped by a surplus of more mediocre games," says CEO Michael Schade. "Naturally, the high-quality offer also has a corresponding positive effect on the advertising sales for our marketing partner."