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3D Sonic adventure Sonic Dream Team launches as an Apple Arcade exclusive

This marks Hardlight’s second exclusive Sonic game on Apple Arcade
3D Sonic adventure Sonic Dream Team launches as an Apple Arcade exclusive
  • Sonic Dream Team launches on Apple Arcade as an exclusive
  • The 3D adventure features six series favourites as playable characters

The hastiest of hedgehogs, Sonic, has made his latest appearance on Apple Arcade in the new and exclusive 3D game Sonic Dream Team. Apple Arcade is the only place to play this latest spin on the Sonic theme, in a win for iOS enthusiasts with no wider mobile or console release in the works for this brand-new adventure.

Subscription services have been growing in prevalence lately with competitors all vying for the biggest audience, Apple and Netflix being among the larger contenders. And with a fully fledged 3D Sonic title for an exclusive, joining the likes of Cut the Rope 3 and "the only Bond game available for mobile", Apple Arcade is aiming to race ahead.

Racing onto Apple Arcade

Sonic Dream Team was announced in early November as an "exclusive adventure" on Apple Arcade. It was developed by Sega’s British development studio Hardlight - a predominantly mobile company with titles such as Sonic Jump, Sonic Dash, and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle in its catalogue. The new Sonic Dream Team marks this studio’s third foray into Apple Arcade as well, following in the footsteps of Sonic Racing and ChuChu Rocket Universe.

In classic 3D Sonic fashion, the latest game is full of rail grinding and boosting, maintaining the fast-paced action Sonic is known for. Series favourites Tails, Amy Rose and Cream quickly become playable, while Knuckles and Rouge unlock after completing in-game requirements. Each has their own playstyle, with Tails and Cream able to fly, for example.

Of course, Dr Eggman returns as the villain for this new title, discovering an ancient device known as the Reverie that makes dreams into reality. This sets up the game’s core premise, with levels built around Dr Eggman’s dreamscapes.

Last month, Sega teased future plans for Sonic, Persona 5 and more, while hinting at its first mobile game in collaboration with Rovio and intentions to build the "Segaverse".