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4Players appoints Patty Toledo as marketing director

Toledo will help the company expand its brand worldwide
4Players appoints Patty Toledo as marketing director
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Technology company 4Players has appointed Steel Media alumnus Patty Toledo to the role of marketing director. Toledo will be the first person to hold this position.

In this position, Toledo will support 4Players as it prepares to launch new products to support game developers in creating metaverse-ready, engaging player experiences by driving the company’s marketing strategy.

Toledo hopes to bring revolutionary gaming solutions to the most remote corners of the globe by expanding 4Player’s markets and geographical reach.

"We are excited to have Patty as part of our team. Her knowledge, skills and experience are unparalleled in the gaming industry, and she is an incredibly valuable addition to 4Players,” said 4Players CEO Phillip Schuester.

Toledo has a career history spanning multiple industries, holding positions such as CEO of FanArt Games Oy, CMO of Idea Studios, ambassador for Women in Games, and project lead at Bron Innovation.

“I am over the moon to join the 4Players team. 4Players is a unique game technology company that understands what players value in games and works with developers to create the best user experience possible,” said Toledo. “They are visionaries and we share the same ideologies of wanting to build the brand, bring it to life and share it with the world!”

When approached for additional comment, Toledo stated: “It is an exciting time for technology and the global gaming sector. The possibility of achieving true immersion in the metaverse and across all platforms is something we must take seriously, its importance and the opportunities it presents should not be underestimated. I am happy to be part of this revolution with 4Players and to help developers from all over the world to bring their creations to the next level.”

In March this year, industry leaders Square Enix, Ludia Games, and Gameloft celebrated female leadership in the games space with a virtual event.