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58 per cent of users turn off push notifications on iOS

Leanplum's Nathan Ceulemans shared his three 'tricks'
58 per cent of users turn off push notifications on iOS
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58 per cent of in-app and in-game users turn off push notifications on iOS.

This stat was revealed via Leanplum head of mobile growth strategy Nathan Ceulemans' talk on 'Speedrunning Mobile Growth - Three Tricks to Hack Retention and Revenue', taking place at this year's Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020.

The first 'trick' shared focused on push pre-permissions, stating that developers need to build their audiences with the mechanic in mind. This will then suppress the default prompt and instead found that engaging with users to opt-in at a more engaging or incentivised time returned better results. 

27% re-engagement

The second piece of advice recommended that companies try new onboarding flows to different segments. An example given was if say 20 per cent of users came into the application via a specific acquisition campaign.

The third and final tip surrounded the importance of re-engagement, with data showing that 27 per cent of users will return to the app or game if the company re-engages with them in some way.

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