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A peek into Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki's East meets West track before it happens

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki will last from September 11th to 12th
A peek into Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki's East meets West track before it happens
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Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki is days away from touching down in Finland and will last from September 11th to 12th.

We may be running out of tracks to run down, but we’re not there yet. As such, we press on by taking a look with what’s in store.

This time around it’s time to look into our East Meets West track. A rounded view of the world is key to a balanced approach, and that’s no different to mobile games development and publishing.

As such, we’ve dedicated an entire track to the hottest innovations from the East.

September 11th

14:00 – Kicking things off is a keynote from Mintegral head of supply Europe Sean Parmenter on what you need to know before monetising your game in the APAC region.

Moreover, the talk will focus on the change of tier 1 markets and what to look for when monetizing in the east.

14:20 – Next up is G-Star president Don S Kim on the Asian games market and G-Star itself.

14:40 – Following on is Samsung senior global business development manager will delve into international engagement from local level engagement.

More specifically, Vasconez will reveal the particular manner in which Samsung is working with different developers by changing the way it engages with different IPs.

15:00 – Rolling on is our first panel of the day, which dives into how the Chinese Android market works.

Taking the stage will be MyGamez CEO Mikael Leinonen, Oppo Game Store head Yin Jie, Vivo Game Store head Zhang Cai Yun.

15:40 – Straight after is another panel that tackles the opportunity for developers and publishers in the Middle East.

Taking us through it will be Play 3arabi co-founder Ahmed Alsafar and Maysalward founder Nour Khrais.

Our 12 tracks in full
Our 12 tracks in full

16:20 – Duoku Games VP of business development Gio Zhang will fill us in on why Western games struggle In Asia and vise-versa.

16:40 – Kuuhubb senior product manager Hardika Shah will delve into the changing dynamics of digital games and influencer marketing in India.

The session will provide the insights and statistics crucial to this global growth, alongside a look into the ever-widening span of influencer marketing and social media on the gaming industry.

17:20 – Rounding the track off is a panel on what it means to truly be an international player.

Taking us through it will be Parmenter, Yengage marketing manager Justin Endo, GameAnalytics CEO Ioana Hreninciuc and JoyPac Games VP of publishing Jeppe Bisbjerg.

And that’ll wrap up the track for this year. However, those eight talks make up just one track out of 12 the show will have on offer. Which include our Indie Track, Esports Academy and the Game Changers track, the latter of which will take a close look at chat app gaming and hyper-casual.

To find out more about the fantastic speaker roster, you can check out the full schedule – and keep an eye out for the latest additions and updates in the run-up to the show.

There is also still time to register, which you can do here.