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Adjust becomes Unity's first mobile measurement partner

Easy access to the Adjust SDK in Unity
Adjust becomes Unity's first mobile measurement partner
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Adjust has teamed up with Unity to become its first mobile measurement partner.

Developers that publish their titles through the Unity development tool will get immediate access to Adjust's SDK. The mobile measurement firm specialises in cybersecurity and thwarting fraudulent installs.

"By ensuring that we provide the best integration possible, verified at every new version of the Unity platform, Adjust and Unity make user acquisition accessible and effective," said vice president of partnerships at Adust, Andrey Kazakov.

"Most importantly, we offer developers the ability to get granular measurement, world-class anti-fraud solutions, automation and analytics using Adjust with Unity."

Cost-effective and efficient

Unity head of global advertising Agatha Hood added: "Almost all of the developers that use Unity today need to acquire new users for their apps.

"Through this partnership, both UA buyers and those new to UA can easily integrate Adjust's measurement and analytics solutions in a cost-effective and efficient way - enabling access to Unity's massive ad platform quickly and seamlessly."

Adjust claims to have prevented over 200 million fraudulent app installs throughout 2019, reportedly saving its clients $450 million in the process. It raised $227 million in funding to further its growth in June 2019.