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Video mediation platform AerServ launches incentivised ads

New platform promises more flexibility
Video mediation platform AerServ launches incentivised ads

Mobile video mediation firm AerServ has announced that its service will now extend to cover incentivised  - or as it prefers to label them rewarded - video ads, a form of monetisation that's become increasingly popular for targeting the reported 98.7 percent of users who will not pay for in-app purchases.

The thing that sets the company's approach apart is that while most providers of incentivised video are ad networks, AerServ will afford a developer more flexibility by allowing them to use video from as many different networks as they want.


“We’re excited to offer rewarded video to our customers; it is one more layer to add to our holistic monetization solution and a valuable tool for developers," said AerServ CEO Josh Speyer.

"With rewarded video, everyone wins: the user is rewarded with in-app currency, the advertisers receive the user’s undivided attention while the ad plays (resulting in high performance) and the publisher earns more revenue.”

For more information, you can visit the AerServ website.