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30 million players a month still amasses 113 million mobile downloads in 20 months

Miniclip's viral casual game has accumulated 113 million downloads on mobile since it launched back in April 2015.

The game was a huge success for the company at the time, ending up as the most searched game on Google in 2015. It spawned numerous clones, the most notable being, 2016's fifth most trending game on Google Play in the UK.

The game also boasts 30 million players a month, according to Miniclip CEO Rob Small. He did not clarify if this figure included browser players, however.

Billion seller

The news comes as part of Miniclip's announcement that its portfolio of games has surpassed one billion downloads combined. is only the second most popular game – 8 Ball Pool has managed 302 million downloads on mobile.

The publisher isn't leaving alone, however. Small promised that new features are planned to launch in the game in the next few weeks.

You can find out more about's success, and how Miniclip managed so many downloads overall, in our interview with Small.