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Aiming Inc. expands to open new Taipei Studio

The co-developer behind World of Demon hopes the new location will grab the attention of local artists
Aiming Inc. expands to open new Taipei Studio

Aiming Inc., a co-developer of Apple Arcade's World of Demons, has opened a new art studio in Taichung, Taiwan, to support the thriving game market. The new branch officially opened on August 5, giving way for multiple job positions. Aiming Inc. hopes this new location will grab the attention of local artists who will be able to make amazing art for local and international clients.

The Japanese PC and mobile game developer established Aiming & Artists (A&A), an art studio that creates game art for customers in Japan and throughout the world. A&A not only creates 2D/3D action and special effects game artwork but also uses its expertise to help clients in the early stages of their game development projects by offering UI/UX design. Aiming Inc. states the team has extensive experience brought about by cooperation with the head office, consisting of veterans in visual art designing.

Tsubasa Endo, a current manager in the first division at Aiming Inc., who is in charge of overseeing the works at Dragon Quest Tact, recently wrote a blog about what online game management is like in Aiming and what it takes to get into managing an online game. The blog goes in depth about what kind of work Endo does after being assigned as a manager. Endo said, "Students who are interested in management, I want you to try it without being too afraid!"

World of Demons, arguably one of Aiming Inc.'s most recent successful projects, was notorious for its unique artistic design. Other titles that they have worked on include Caravan Stories for Nintendo Switch and development of Square Enix' Dragon Quest Tact. In addition to this, they have released over a dozen of their own IPs on mobile phones since 2011.

Last year we spoke to PlatinumGames director Ryoya Sakabe and producer Koji Tanaka about the extensive work that goes unseen into the background of releasing a video game like World of Demon in our 'Making Of' series - Platinum worked hand in hand with Aiming on the mobile release of the game.