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Amazon GameOn expands with Twitch-integrated Tournament organiser

The latest update to the cross-platform API lets viewers play alongside streamers
Amazon GameOn expands with Twitch-integrated Tournament organiser

Amazon’s cross-platform GameOn service has today been expanded with a Twitch-integrated Tournament Organiser.

The internet behemoth’s GameOn API plugs into games to help create cross-platform competitions, leaderboards and leagues. The latest update to the tool now integrates Twitch support.

Tournament Organiser lets Twitch streamers set up games with channel viewers. Amazon stated that it hopes to make the process of creating and joining Twitch games as seamlessly as possible.


For developers, Amazon hopes the tournament option will open up games to a new potential audience of thousands of players - incentivising them to pick up a copy and fire up a few rounds with their favourite creators.

The GameOn Tournament Organiser has currently found use in games including Paladins Strike, Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena and The Darwin Project (pictured, above). Devolver Digital’s SCUM is also lined up for support.

Amazon cites an example in the mobile space, however, to drive the engagement boom. During Twitch creator FooYa’s Ostrich Among Us stream, 30 per cent of viewers downloaded the game to take part in Tournament games.