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Apex Legends Mobile player spend reached $4.8 million in first week

The most downloaded game in 60 countries following initial launch
Apex Legends Mobile player spend reached $4.8 million in first week

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends Mobile has generated $4.8 million from player spending in its first week since launch.

New Sensor Tower estimates for the game suggest that it has been downloaded in the US most of all thus far, followed by India and then Brazil.

Earning fast

Following its May 17 launch, Apex Legends Mobile fast became the most downloaded game on the App Store in a total of 60 countries, including Japan and parts of Europe like Germany and the UK. One day after launch, we reported that Apex Legends Mobile also ranked in the 10 most downloaded iPhone games across a total of 89 countries.

The US also accounted for the most player spending at around 44 per cent in the title’s first week, spending $2.1 million. Following in second and third were Japan and Thailand.

While Apex Legends Mobile is free-to-play, it contains premium cosmetics as well as a battle pass. Notably, Sensor Tower’s estimates for PUBG Mobile’s initial earnings after a week of monetisation were significantly lower at $600,000, and it has since gone on to accumulate more than $8 billion.

Apex Legends Mobile initially soft-launched earlier this year on the App Store and Google Player Store in 10 countries,and you can check out our list of the top games in soft launch through this link.