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Apple announces 12.9-inch iPad Pro, starting at $799, available November

Announced on stage at the Apple Special Event
Apple announces 12.9-inch iPad Pro, starting at $799, available November
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Dubbed "the biggest news in iPad since the iPad," Apple has unveiled the iPad Pro on stage at its live-streamed press conference.

The most capable iPad yet, the Pro sports a 12.9 inch display - the biggest screen of any iOS device yet seen. The monster of a screen also boasts a higher resolution than ever before, with 5.6 million pixels.

Powering up

The iPad Pro will be powered by Apple's new A9X, a 3rd-generation 64-bit chip with twice the memory bandwidth and storage performance speed than its predecessor.

And 1.8 times faster than the A8X, it is said to facilitate "desktop-grade performance" - and is faster than 80 percent of portable PCs shipped in the last 12 months.

Not only should this allow for some high-end gaming experiences, the 10-hour battery life leaves it well-equipped for even lengthy journeys.

Its audio output has been overhauled, too, being the first iPad to feature a four-speaker system - and one that adapts to how you hold the device, balancing audio either side.

Available in silver, gold, and space gray, the iPad Pro will cost $799 for a 32GB model, $949 for 128GB, and $1079 for 128GB with 3G.